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We are deeply impacted by the fire of Fort McMurray and how the global community has stepped up to help in time of need. We thank you and we are grateful for all the love and kindness you have shown, to our neighbours and to the families who have been displaced by the fire. Some of us have spent our fair share of working along side our neighbours, up in tar sands, the oil fields of Alberta and we know that this working class community has done a lot for global industry. We love our neighbours and we stand with them, once again, in unconditional love. Thank you.

Some media footage of what has been happening of late with Fort McMurray Fire(courtesy of CBC News):


Darby Allen, Fort McMurray regional fire chief, takes a step back

Heading south to join family, ‘We’re going to hug a lot and I’m going to have a couple of beers’
After battling the wildfire he dubbed “the beast” and becoming the closest thing Alberta has to a modern-day folk hero, Darby Allen is taking a step back.

The Fort McMurray regional fire chief announced Thursday that after working on the front line since Day 1, he is handing the reins as director of emergency management for the wildfire to Bob Couture, the Wood Buffalo Municipal Region’s RCMP superintendent.

“I’m OK at putting out fires and getting people out, but the next phase is not mine,” said Allen, standing at his familiar post on the outskirts south of Fort McMurray to deliver a daily fire update. “It is impossible for me to thank everybody, so I just want to thank each and every person that was here and helped us fight this ring of fire.”
Human face of the wildfire fight

It’s been over a week since Allen began fighting the huge wildfire in Wood Buffalo.

Over a few days, the fire tore across the brush and bore down on his city, forcing 94,000 to leave, the biggest evacuation in Alberta history.

The fire destroyed 2,432 structures and damaged over 500 more. Nightly, Allen would take to the Wood Buffalo Twitter account to update all those forced from their homes. Over time, he began to refer to the fire as a living, breathing creature — “the beast” — and it’s a nickname that stuck.


>>>‘I’ll be back in a week or so’

But after a week of battling “the beast,” Allen showed that even folk heroes need a break.

“I want to tell my sons that I love them,” said Allen, his voice breaking with emotion. “And I want to tell a lady called Maria, who has been married to me for 36 years, that I love her very much and I’ll see her soon.”


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7:28 PM – 12 May 2016
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