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Join Us As We Follow “Laval” and his adventure trek across the Atlantic Ocean in his trusty row boat called “True Blue”, a row boat that always rights itself. All this for helping the Alberta Cancer Foundation and a fund raiser for the many Albertans who are diagnosed with cancer, every day. I first came across the story this past June and I was very interested in following his progress and it has been very entertaining, looking into his Twitter account, now and again. His team of experts that help him with navigation, weather updates, medical advice, social media, and various equipment sponsors, to name a few, are just a wonderful group, that make this worthy cause all happen. Just like Laval had said “…it’s not about me”, it’s about the people he can help. Please forward this to friends and family and let’s get together to help those in need. I just want to say to Laval: We honour you and we love you for doing this. Many heart felts thanks, brother. Great Job All Around.

Please donate with the following link: Laval on his trek across the Atlantic

Starting off in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and finishing in Brest, France, see his progress to date-link:


Laval’s quote: “Thank you for coming alongside me and supporting my efforts in helping the Alberta Cancer Foundation make life better for the 43 Albertans who are diagnosed with cancer every day. Every dollar raised will make a difference for cancer patients across the province, so please consider making a donation to this very important cause.”




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(Courtesy of his website…)   About Laval

Inspired in his childhood by the likes of Jack London, Farley Mowat, Ernest Hemingway and Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In addition the adventures of Shackleton, Messner, Dr. John Rae, Roald Amundsen, and Richard Burton kept Laval St. Germain dreaming of deserts, stormy southern oceans and high mountain peaks. Terry Fox was perhaps Laval’s most poignant influence, teaching him that simple humanity, human endurance and the ability to tolerate pain are nearly boundless. All of these authors, adventurers and one true Canadian hero’s influences were set against a constant diet of National Geographic magazines and wanderings in the bush of north central Alberta. Hockey, soccer, lacrosse, downhill skiing, archery and hunting served as his main sporting interests as a young man.

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Twitter:     #confrontcanceroceanrow

(News Article, courtesy of ‘Marketwired’, July 26, 2016 13:18 ET…)

Three Weeks Ahead of Schedule Confront Cancer Ocean Row Across the Atlantic

CALGARY, AB –(Marketwired – July 26, 2016) – His cockpit is mildewy, as are his clothes and sleeping bag, “Even my hats have mildew growing on them,” says Laval St. Germain, a Calgary-based adventurer who is rowing at an incredible speed — well past the halfway mark — on his 4500 km solo ocean row across the Atlantic Ocean. St. Germain shoved off from Halifax’s Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron June 15 on his Confront Cancer Ocean Row — aiming to make landfall in Brest, France. He’s currently three weeks ahead of schedule in his purpose-built solo ocean rowing boat (the Rannoch R10 — constructed by Rannoch Adventure of the UK), affectionately known as True Blue….

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Thank you for your support and we just want to say thank you and we appreciate you.

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