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The month of June brought about some wonderful scenery and adventure. Here I am now writing, to the blog and knowing that it has been a few months coming, to post something. Even though I’m not as active on the Internet marketing of things, I realize that it takes lots of attention, even tender loving care, to stay the course. It takes money to uphold the bills and even now, work sustains me, even more so. Alas, I do still miss some of the fellowship and I still post here and there. The wonderful thing about this information age, it constantly changes and we adapt to the protocols and procedures. Even learning from one another. At some point, I will get back and be the better man for it. It must be fun.


Looking at a few quotes from a past mentors:

“You do not determine a man’s  greatness by his talent, his  wealth, education or possessions-you determine a man’s greatness by what it takes to discourage him”~my mentor

“The secret to Internet marketing, is not to keep you business a secret, that’s the secret”~ a mentor


“Gold is a good place to put money these days, given it’s value, as a currency, outside of the policies, conducted by governments.”~Edward Greenspan

Okay, maybe,the last one was not about mentor ship, but, I did get your attention and I even had fun. Thanks.

Stay warm, stay safe and keep on smiling: for you are truly loved, you truly are.

I appreciate you.


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